Friday, February 26, 2010

Valentine's Date 2010

Michael surprised me with this special belated Valentine's date...and it just so happened to be Eric & Leah's ONE year anniversary celebration, too. Dinner at Flyte and then Harry Connick, Jr. LIVE at the Ryman. What a night for all of us!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Walking in...Nashville (close to Memphis!)

Little Miss Payton Joy decided to walk all by herself today! Michael was playing with her and goading her to walk from him to the couch and then, all of a sudden, she stood right up from where she was sitting (without our help OR our suggestion) and balanced on her own two feet! Michael saw her and started chanting, "Go, PJ, go!" and off she went! Up...step, step, step...down. Then up again, five or six steps, then down again. After about 20 minutes of that same activity, she realized just how strong and capable her sweet little chubby legs were and she gained loads of confidence! We caught it all on here you go. PJ's first day of walking in...Nashville!

P.S. Today is Tenley's birthday - so happy birthday, TRH! PJ decided to give you a special birthday treat today just by walking all alone.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Flu Season...pptthh!

Well, PJ has contracted her first REAL viral infection (or so I'm assuming that's what type it is). She started coughing and having a runny nose on Saturday. This morning, her temp spiked to 100.9 - apparently, that's not high enough to warrant a doctor's visit. My pediatrician's nurse was super helpful over the telephone with me and told me that I was doing everything right (yay, me!). It just really hurts your heart when there's *nothing* you can do for your baby once you've done everything...ya know?

She is a trooper, though! Once the baby ibuprofen kicked in this morning, she attempted to push around her stroller or play with her toys for about 45 minutes. That was all she could handle, and then she was back in my arms. We've been reading a lot of books over the past few days because she doesn't feel like being active. It's a nice break for me since I don't have to watch her like a hawk, however, it means I cannot get anything "done" in the house. I told Michael last night, "She's only sick for a few days (God willing) and then life will go on...everything else can wait if my being here for her (to hold, to cuddle, to read, to suction her nose countless times) is what she needs then that's what I'm going to do!" He just mumbled in agreement as he nodded off to sleep...and then today, I sent HIM the grocery list. HA! :-)

So please say a prayer that our little PJ gets better sooner rather than later. Thanks!...oh, and I want to send a big shout out to my pal, Tenley Hardin. HAPPY BIRTHDAY on February 5th! :-)