Sunday, May 9, 2010

Payton Joy is going to be a big sister!

I figured it was fitting to make this great announcement on Mother’s Day. Michael and I are going to have Baby G #2! We are 12 weeks along and the baby is due 11/21/10, which is about one month before PJ turns two years old. They’ll be 23 months apart! I know it will be challenging to learn how to juggle the responsibility of two children but I sincerely believe God has given us the ability and the GRACE to handle it as it comes. We are very excited and looking forward to welcoming this new baby into our happy life.

We definitely welcome your prayers for us as this pregnancy matures. We’ve had two appointments and heard the heartbeat last week! We also want to pray for Payton’s transition from only baby into big sisterhood…and Momma’s transition as well! It’s hard to think she won’t be “our baby” anymore…but this is life and it’s a wonderful blessing that we’re happy to accommodate.

Any advice you mothers/fathers wish to share with us about transitioning into parents of a toddler AND a newborn would be appreciated! We humbly welcome it (you can post your comments on this blog). Thanks again for your prayers for our family. We love each of you!

The Ghaffari Family