Sunday, October 11, 2009

Is it October already!?!?

My goodness, it's just getting more and more difficult to update this blog!! So much has happened since my last blog.

We had an amazing photo shoot in July when PJ was 7 months old. Granny Linda and even Maya joined us. Check them out here!

Tenley came to Nashville to see all of her old friends and meet the new babies - Payton Joy and Jackson! We spent several days catching up, eating and drinking too much, and laughing a LOT. It was wonderful to see her! She just started her PhD program this fall, so it will be awhile before she visits again. The next time I see her, she just might be Dr. Tenley Hardin!

We went on our first "family" vacation with PJ to Capistrano Beach, California at the end of August. She did amazingly well on the 4.5 hour flights there and back. I'm learning quickly that she is quite resilient in spite of frequent disturbances to her otherwise typical schedule/routine. We celebrated with our good friends, Michael & Samantha Wynns', for his 40th birthday and we got to meet their new son, Jonathan! He is 16 months old and running all over the house with gusto! It took him a while to warm up to PJ - another BABY in his house and playing with HIS toys - but after a couple days, they became fast friends. Point your browser to Ghaffari Photos to view photos from our trip.

On September 26, my eldest niece, Kristin Renee Forell, married her long time friend, Ian Miller, in Springfield, MO. Their story is such an inspiring one! They were good friends in high school and quickly became more than friends after she graduated. It was quite surreal to attend her wedding - my first niece who I've seen grow up before my eyes. What an honor and privilege it was to participate in such a special moment in her life. Payton Joy was the miniature bride, and I sang in the wedding. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Springfield, which was Payton's FIRST time in my home town. You can view wedding photos at Ghaffari Photos, too.

Lastly, here are a few photos just of PJ so you can see how big she is getting! She is 9 1/2 months old and changing just about every day. It's amazing how fast babies change! She says "dah dah", "mah mah", and "nah nah" quite regularly. She even tries to say "bah" for ball. She knows Maya is a DOG, and she knows how to clap and kick her leg! She is eating just about any kind of food these days as long as it's easily mushed in her mouth and not too seasoned. We're still breast feeding but only about 4 times a day. My baby is swiftly becoming a toddler. I love it...I love HER. She is the sweetest treasure and blessing in our lives. We love being parents! God bless you all. We love and appreciate you, our friends and family.