Thursday, September 18, 2008


I just returned from a blissful three days in...Las Vegas! One might wonder, how is Las Vegas blissful? Well, for a woman who is seven months pregnant who lounged by the pool during the day and ate at nice restaurants during the evenings, that's how it was blissful!! Michael attended a VMWare conference this week and invited me to tag along and keep him company in the evenings. At first, I wondered if I would have any fun but the minute I realized that Las Vegas is in the desert with 90 to 100 degree weather this time of year, I realized I'd be a fool not to take him up on his offer! I immediately started daydreaming of slathering SPF 30 across my big belly and lapping up every minute of that desert weather that I could handle! The pool was HUGE, and I swam laps and did tumbles in the water and it all felt SO good to me and PJ. I do believe water exercise has been an essential element in my pregnancy that I have been sorely missing. I just do not have a swimming pool at my disposal in good ol' Nashville, so I was happy to oblige myself in the Balley's Casino pool and sunshine.

On Monday night, I actually won $10 at the slots, and then we went to the top of Mandalay Bay Hotel into the VIP Foundation Room to see the most exquisite view of the strip...

And then we saw the Cirque de Soliel show, KA, on Tuesday evening. Our seats were right in the middle of the stage midway back - Michael spared no expense on that purchase!

Coming back to work today was not easy, however. The time change really got to me since I arrived at 12:30am CST to Nashville last night. I have been a zombie all day today but man, it was SO worth it! So I'm quite thankful to my precious husband who thought to invite me along on his work trip and allow me to enjoy pure indulgence just one last time before Baby Ghaffari enters our world and changes it forever - for the better!

Our trip to Italy earlier this year was wonderful yet very exhausting. I'm so happy to say that our trip to Vegas, however, was truly a "babymoon" getaway that allowed me to rest, relax, and read to my heart's content! Now on to the business of becoming a mother...stay tuned!

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Kevin Sparkman said...

Does Michael work for VMWare? I use their Fusion software on my Mac to (God forbid) use Windows! I love it, actually... I've never been to Vegas. Looked like fun!