Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just Saying Hello

It's been awhile since I posted on this blog and since I am sitting at my computer right now (a rare thing these days), I figured I'd write something just for kicks and giggles.

Speaking of kicks, the baby boy is kicking me like crazy right now. He is very, VERY active in my tummy, and he seems to be more active than PJ was at this time. But who knows? I could really feel her moving a lot, too. I just consider his activity a good sign. Also, I keep telling myself that he is developing and growing so rapidly, which causes the occasional nausea STILL to occur (it seems to be at least a weekly event). That is me trying to stay positive and focus on the GOOD of the situation and not the negative fact that I often feel sick (ugh)!

We are 28 weeks and the due date is 82 days away! Although, I do not put much weight into that date considering PJ was 12 days late...I'm not expecting him to be "on time" either. It would be GREAT if he came a little early but I'm not really expecting that! Let's just pray for a smooth labor and delivery no matter when it happens.

Payton Joy is truly living up to her middle name - a SHEER JOY of a child! I seriously cannot believe how precious she is, how fun, how smart, how sweet, how affectionate, how...oh, the list goes on and on. I wish you all could experience the PJ that WE know on a daily basis. I just cannot thank God enough for giving us the sweetest little girl in the whole wide world! Parenting Payton has been a pure blessing in every way. She has set the bar quite high...I know our son will be different but I hope parenting him will be just as precious.

Michael is already treating him differently in my tummy! He says endearing statements such as, "That's MY BOY!" or "Don't poke around on MY boy!" (usually when I'm complaining about the baby hurting me and I try to move him around). It's so much fun to see Michael's excitement about his upcoming son. I love it. We truly cannot wait to meet him!

I am heading home to Springfield one more time next weekend to attend my 15 year high school reunion. I'm looking forward to catching up with high school friends and, of course, spending some time with my family. My sister-in-law is throwing a baby shower for me before I leave so I'll have the chance to see hopefully MOST of my family at that event. This will be my last trip home until next summer! We will have our hands quite full once our son arrives mid November...so everyone will have to schedule visits to come meet him. Only one family at a time, please, because we only have the bonus room for sleeping accommodations. :-) But I truly DO hope everyone can come visit eventually.

It is well past my bedtime and I need a snack. It's good to write again. This is something that I miss but just have very little opportunity to do these days with little PJ running around. She doesn't really like it when I'm on the computer for very long. Oh well, these years fly by...and then I'll be back at my computer in no time...probably missing my "babies."

Take care and God bless you all!

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